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photovoltaic power station

How Greyanas Solar Can help you reduce your electricity bills.

You can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills by opting for solar energy. A grid-tied home solar panel system along with net metering ensures you get credit for unused power generated for your home & Businesses.

The vision

Greyanas Industries envisioned for E-Vehicles for the sustainable environment

Greyanas Indutries Partnered with major EV-Manufacturers to provide best e-vehicles to our customers. The major benefit of EV is that EVs produce zero emissions, which can greatly reduce air pollution and improve public health. Additionally, EVs are more energy-efficient than gasoline cars, which can help to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate the effects of climate change. EVs also has lower operating costs as they require less maintenance and have lower fuel costs. With our advanced technology and service we have made our EVs more affordable and widely available for our customers and provided a more viable option for everyone.


Transforming the Future: Innovative Power Transformers for Increased Efficiency and Reliability"

Greyanas Industries tied up with Reliable Power Systems to provide best in class of Power Transformer and other Power Equipments.

Power transformers are electrical devices that are commonly used in power distribution systems to increase or decrease the voltage of the electrical power being transmitted.

Power transformers are designed to be highly efficient and reliable, with minimal losses of energy during the transformation process.

They are also designed to be durable and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. We have different types of power transformers include pole-mounted transformers, substation transformers, and distribution transformers.

Our products are widely used in different industry such as power generation, transmission, distribution and factories.

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Greyanas Agro



Greyanas Agro is committed for providing best quality of food products.

We source directly from the farmers and provide them a better opportunity to enhace there livelihood.


I recently had 11KW residential solar plant installed at my home by Greyanas Solar and it has been a game changer. Not only has it significantly reduced my monthly electricity bill, but I also feel good knowing that I am doing my part in reducing my carbon footprint. The installation process was seamless and the customer service provided by the company was top-notch. I highly recommend this investment to anyone looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly energy solution

Mrs Sambhavi Chetansing Tanwar

Mrs Sambhavi

We have recently installed a 32KW solar plant in our Niral co operative Society, Ahmedabad and it has been a great investment. Not only it has significantly lowered the electricity bill but also it has reduced the carbon footprint. The installation process was smooth and the customer service provided by the Greyanas Solar was excellent. The team was highly professional and knowledgeable about the product. The solar panel is working efficiently and I am very satisfied with my decision to go solar. I highly recommend Greyanas Solar to anyone looking for a reliable and eco-friendly energy solution."

Mr. Chavahan

Mr. Davda satish Kathaubhai

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